Join more than 2000 Elk Members who enjoy a high level of CONFIDENCE and ENERGY with Elk Boxing and Fitness programs.

Struggling with lack of CONFIDENCE and ENERGY due to your body shape dissatisfaction and busy Schedule ELK Boxing and Fitness programs are your Savior

About Us

ELK boxing team, dynamic and friendly certified personal trainers, will provide you with the best 
boxing classes and workouts with the best boxing coaches to accomplish your fitness goals. 
Our personal trainers will let you experience a new lifestyle while focusing on your well being, 
mentally and physically, through athletic stamina.

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Our Mission

We aim to raise awareness on mental health, and the positive impact our boxing classes will bring to your lives while focusing on the benefits of fitness and the advantages of regular trainings. 
It helps you:

  • Developing confidence and self defense
  • Improving stamina
  •  Enjoying your body shape and strength.

At ELK, our coaches will be happy to support you 
throughout your whole journey to live the life of 
your dreams.

Workout with personal trainer

Our Team Values

Our coaches artfully combine all types of training with boxing to create a friendly and positive environment.

Once you visit us, you can feel our team spirit which is essential to give you our full potential and motivation.

 New training systems are put together to create amazing moments for you.

Each coach is responsible for the client’s well-being in order to give him the best training session.


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