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When you are Struggling with lack of CONFIDENCE due to your Body Shape . We can keep your mind free. The truth is really frustrating . We Understand That you're trying to reach your Body Goal. We Feel your Pain . We have your convenient ELK Fitness and Boxing Programs, with a customized plan based on your Goals. You will reach, from the First 5 sessions, a high level Of CONFIDENCE .

Confidence program

Target: lose fat, tone body, build muscles & develop boxing skills

Plan: Systemic combination of boxing techniques and levels mixed with a personalized weight training

Outcomes: High Confidence, Improve StrengthStamina & Body Shape



The Plan




Join more than 2000 Elk Members who enjoy a high level of CONFIDENCE and ENERGY with Elk Boxing and Fitness programs.

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Struggling with lack of CONFIDENCE and ENERGY due to your body shape dissatisfaction and busy Schedule ELK Boxing and Fitness programs are your Savior